150 years of being there for the animals

150 years of being there for the animals

As we near the close of 2023, a significant milestone marking the 150th anniversary of the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, we take a moment to reflect on the ways you have helped us change the lives of animals.  

Over 4,000 animals adopted 

Over 4,000 dogs, cats, and small animals found their forever families through adoption through the Ontario SPCA in 2023. Before joining their new homes, each of these animals received routine veterinary care, including spaying/neutering, vaccinations, medications, and examinations. Some underwent critical, life-saving surgeries and procedures, offering them the second chance they truly deserve. 

Over 230 Northern animals given homes 

Over 230 Northern animals found homes through re-homing partnerships in 2023. These animals were transferred from Northern communities to areas of the province where there are loving families waiting to adopt. 

A lack of access to basic animal wellness services, such as veterinarians and spay/neuter services, has contributed to an increase in animal populations across Northern Canada. Many Northern communities have more adoptable animals than families who can give them homes. These re-homing partnerships are one of the ways the Ontario SPCA is supporting efforts in the North. 

Rehoming requests due to financial hardships 

In 1992, the Ontario SPCA published an Animal’s Voice magazine that included an article about the increase of animals being brought to our animal centres for re-homing due to financial hardships. We are unfortunately once again seeing this trend as individuals struggle to care for their animals under the weight of inflation and economic uncertainty.  

We understand challenges individuals and families face, such as financial constraints, which at times lead to the difficult decision of rehoming beloved animals. To help keep animals with the families who love them, the Ontario SPCA offers a variety of community support services 

Helping to keep furry bellies full 

With the cost of living increasing, it has become more difficult for some families to feed their animals. The Ontario SPCA has been able to coordinate food donations in almost every corner of Ontario. This pet food is distributed through food banks to families in need.  

Pet food destined for the North has also been transported to distribution hubs in Dryden and Thunder Bay. From there, community partners help distribute the pet food where it is needed most in areas across Northern Ontario, including remote communities. 

More than 500,000 lbs of food has been distributed in 2023, including almost 200,000 lbs for Northern communities.  

7,500 animals spayed/neutered 

Providing high-volume spay/neuter, vaccination, microchipping and wellness exam clinics and services to animals across the province is one of the ways we help keep animals with their families. These services are open to the public, shelters and rescue groups, regardless of geography or income level.  

A total of 7,500 animals have received spay/neuter surgeries through our spay/neuter services, MASH-style clinics that travel to undeserved areas, and the Ontario SPCA Mobile Animal Wellness Services unit, which was stationed in Sudbury to reach more animals in the North.  

In August we celebrated a milestone by performing our 150,000th spay/neuter procedure since we began offering high volume spay/neuter services to the public in 2009. 

Spaying and neutering animals helps lowers shelter intake numbers, can reduce health risks, and can also improve behaviour. Fixed animals are also less likely to roam, reducing the risk of injury, accident and loss. 

Your support is creating a brighter future 

The Ontario SPCA is here for animals, and the people who love them. We count on our tremendous team of volunteers, as well as our generous donors and partners, to make everything we do possible.  

As a registered charity that does not receive annual government funding, the Ontario SPCA depends on the generosity of donors to provide urgently needed care and shelter for animals in need. Your support makes community support services possible, such as emergency sheltering, community cat management, animal transfers, food distribution, humane education, and animal advocacy.  

To make a gift today, visit ontariospca.ca/donate 

If you are interested in learning of ways to get involved to help change an animal’s life, please visit our website: ontariospca.ca/how-to-help/ 

And to our supporters, thank you for making the last 150 years possible. We are honoured and grateful for your commitment and collaboration for the animals we all love so dearly.  

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