5 ways to celebrate your animal-loving mom

5 ways to celebrate your animal-loving mom

Mother’s Day is coming up and for many people, finding the purr-fect gift can be a bit of a challenge – especially in a time crunch. Luckily, we have put together some meaningful gifts that will make a paw-sitive difference for animals in need. Check out these 5 ways to honour your animal-loving mom: 

Mother’s Day e-card 

Let your mom know that you’re thinking about her on her special day by sending her a Mother’s Day e-card. Every Paws & Give purchase gives back to animals in need. Order your Paws & Give Mother’s Day e-card today and give her the gift that keeps on giving. 

Create a second chance 

You can help animals find a loving family! 

Your gift will help with transportation costs, intake examination and assessment, vaccination, and any veterinary care an animal needs as they arrive in our care. You’ll then help care for that animal until they can be matched with their perfect family! 

Learn more. 

Support a new family 

This time of year, Ontario SPCA animal centres see an increase in the number of feline families, pregnant cats and orphaned kittens who come into our care.  A new mom needs a safe and quiet environment. 

Help our furry friends with their kittens or puppies as they nurse and become socialized, and then support their transition to a new family. Get these young babies ready for their loving homes with vaccinations and routine veterinary care. 

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Care for a cat mom 

Give a cat mom in your life the symbolic gift of care for a mama cat and her kittens.  

Care for a dog mom 

Give a dog mom in your life the symbolic gift of care for a mama dog and her pups.  


One of the many ways you can help reduce pet overpopulation and the number of homeless animals is by spaying-it-forward. Spaying and neutering procedures are also essential to prepare a cat or dog for adoption. All animals adopted through the Ontario SPCA are spayed or neutered to help ensure they don’t contribute to animal overpopulation. 

Help spay a cat. 

Help spay a dog. 

 Pet food pantry 

Help keep animals with the families who love them! The Ontario SPCA works to keep animals with their families by offering community support services for those who may be struggling to care for their furry family members. By helping to stock food pantries with pet food and supplies, you can ensure animals will have full bellies. 

Learn more. 

This Mother’s Day, give a thoughtful gift that continues to help others. Visit ontariospca.ca to learn more about our services and how you can help animals in need. 

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