Animal in My Attic

Animal in My Attic

Have you been awoken at night to the sound of scratching that seems to be coming from your attic? If so, it’s likely that you have some visitors that have created a new home in your attic. If this is the case, it’s critical that you call a wild animal removal company like Minnesota Wild Animal Management as soon as possible. Our team of wildlife removal experts have decades of experience to help you identify and humanely handle any type of animals that may have taken refuge in your attic. We also provide you with animal damage repair & prevention. Proudly serving the Twin Cities area.

What Animals Are Typically Found in Attics?

Below are just a few of the common animals that we often find in our customer’s attics:

• Rats and Mice
• Squirrels
• Possums
• Pigeons
• Raccoons
• Bats

Signs You May Have Animals in Your Attic

If you suspect you may have some type of animals in your attic, look out for the following signs:

• Nests that are made from leaves, twigs and paper
• Animal droppings or urine
• Damaged ductwork
• Damaged insulation

Dangers of Animals Nesting in Your Attic

Aside from the annoying signs and sounds of animals in your attic, it’s important to remember pests can cause major problems in your home. Below are some of the real dangers of animals nesting in your attic.

Electrical and Plumbing Problems – Rats, mice, squirrels and other pests can chew through plumbing pipes and electrical wiring, which can have disastrous consequences for you and your family.
Structural Damage to Your Home – If pests have made their way into your home, they have to have come in from some type of hole on the exterior of your home. This open area could lead to additional damage to your home if not repaired. If you have a pest problem make sure you understand where the animals are coming in and repair any structural damage before additional problems occur.

How to Safely Remove Animals From Your Attic

If you’ve found or heard signs of animals in your attic, it’s critical that you call a professional wildlife removal company like Minnesota Wild Animal Management as soon as possible. Not only will we come and safely remove any animals from your attic, but we’ll also find and seal up any entry points that could allow additional animals to make their way into your home after we’ve left. Getting rid of the animals is just one part of our job, but ensuring they don’t come back is an even more vital aspect of a wild animal removal project. Call us today at 763-785-1414 to setup a free consultation with one of our wild animal removal experts.

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