Cornwall community partner helps keep furry bellies full

Cornwall community partner helps keep furry bellies full

Since 2018, Walmart Logistics Canada in Cornwall has been donating food and pet supplies to the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society to help animals in need. Today, we want to shine a light on them to highlight what an incredible community partner they are to the animals! 

A long-standing partnership 

To date in 2023 alone, Walmart Logistics Canada has donated over an estimated 70,000 lbs of pet food and litter products to support animals at the Ontario SPCA. Since 2018, in-kind donations from this generous partner have totaled over $300,000. 

“Not only are we happy to support a worthy local organization as community partners, but we’re also equally pleased to reduce our waste footprint by doing these in-kind donations,” says Leslie Casselman, Senior Director, Walmart Logistics Canada. 

Casselman says the team works closely with the quality assurance team at Walmart to ensure all products donated are suitable for the animals. Donated items may have the outer box damaged, a small rip in the bag of food, or be a discontinued item they’re looking to move off the shelves.  

“We are one of the largest employers in the city and we take our community collaboration seriously here in Cornwall. We want people to understand that we’re here to help,” says Casselman. 

Team effort 

When items are ready to be donated, the Ontario SPCA is contacted to arrange pick up. On pick up days, Casselman says they’ll ask for volunteers to help load the donations. Sometimes, staff also go to the animal centre, which is just down the road, to help unload as well. According to Casselman, the team of associates at their Cornwall location are very enthusiastic about helping the animals in this way. 

“They love to do it. It makes our team, the associates on our floor, and all of us proud to help our community partners – our charities – that are asking for help,” says Casselman. “Everybody has a fur baby at home, so I think it really is relatable for all of our team to say how happy we are to see that happening.” 

Staying connected to the community 

In addition to these in-kind donations, Casselman says the leadership team at Walmart also follow the Ontario SPCA Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Animal Centre social media pages to keep an eye out for specific donation requests. For example, when the animal centre requested linens, Casselman says they put bins out and encouraged staff to donate if they were able.  

The Ontario SPCA is so grateful to Walmart Logistics Canada for this long-standing collaboration, and the many donations they have generously provided over the years. Caring for animals really is a community effort! Thank you! 

Want to get involved to change the lives of animals in need? Learn more about how you can help.  

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