Feline fun – Tips to train your cat new cues

One of the fundamental puppy development stages is learning training cues from their fur parent. But dogs aren’t the only furry friends who can learn to follow cues! With a little patience, dedication and treats, many cats enjoy learning new things, too. Teaching your cat new cues can serve as a valuable enrichment and bonding experience! 

To start teaching your cat training cues, you want to ensure your training sessions are consistent and you have the time to keep practicing. Stagger-feeding your cat before putting food down at mealtime can be a good time to capture their full attention. If your cat is very treat motivated, then any time of day may work. It may take some trial and error to determine the right times and motivating factors for your cat. 

Here are some training tips to teach your cat: 


Just like in dogs, “sit” is the easiest cue to teach your cat. Teaching cats and kittens to sit is easy, and it teaches them to be calm and polite, rather than to jump, claw or meow for what they want.  

Whenever your cat is sitting, give them a reward and praise to associate the behaviour as a positive one. To introduce the habit, when you have your cat’s attention, bring the treat slowly above the cat’s head. This will help naturally elicit a sitting position. When they’re in position, say “sit” and then reward with treats, praise and pets. Gradually change the routine each day by saying the cue more than once and not assisting them in sitting.  

Shake a paw 

It is important to remember to only teach one cue at a time, especially if you are using mealtime as a reward. With multiple cues, your cat may get confused and do any cue they can think of to get the reward. Once your cat has learned one cue, practice with your cat at least once a week to help them remember the action. 

With these tips and tricks in mind, we hope you enjoy some quality time teaching your cat new cues! 

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