Fitting your dog for a winter coat

Some dog breeds need a little extra protection during the winter months. If your dog falls into that category, we hope you find these tips helpful for fitting your dog for a winter coat!  

Tips to fit your dog in a winter coat  

To keep your furry friend suitably protected, you should consider a dog coat to keep them comfortable during winter walks or potty breaks. Even heavier-coated dogs may appreciate a raincoat for those wet and gloomy days.  

Ideally, walking into a pet store (that welcomes animals!) with your dog is the best way to ensure the canine coat you’re interested in will fit. Alternately, you can simply measure your furry friend at home and then visit a variety of stores or browse online for the coat that will work best for your animal.  

Measurement tips:  

Use a soft or paper measuring tape.  
Your dog should be standing up on all fours, not sitting or lying down.  
Allow an extra inch or two in length to accommodate for movement.  
Measurements should include from base of neck to base of tail, circumference of the neck, chest width and the circumference of the chest.  

Many canine coat manufacturers will offer sizing and breed tips for their products on their company website. You can also ask someone at your local pet store to help you fit your dog with the right coat.   

We hope these tips help keep your furry friend warm this winter! 


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