Halloween costume safety

This Halloween, you may be planning on dressing your furry friend to take part in the festivities with you.  

But how can you safely introduce your fur baby to a costume, and what are some warning signs to watch for in case they aren’t comfortable with it? 

Here’s how to make sure dressing up for Halloween is a safe and fun experience for your furry family members: 

Make sure your companion animal is costume-comfortable 

Prepare for Halloween by ensuring your companion animal is comfortable and enjoys wearing their spooky get-up. As much as you may want them to dress up, their safety and comfort should always come first.  

Set up time in advance to introduce the costume to your furry friend 

Many animals are okay with costumes when they get used to them. However, if your companion animal never feels comfortable in the costume, that’s okay, too – you can still rock your own costume. Read for more tips on how to introduce a costume. 

Do a pre-Halloween practice 

Let your furry family member smell and check out the costume a week or so before Halloween. Give them a treat, wrap a towel around them cape-style to get a sense of how they’ll feel in it on Halloween, and use a light and relaxed tone.  

Watch for their response 

Any movement like shaking, scratching, or rubbing to remove a costume piece is a clear sign from your fur baby that they aren’t comfortable with the costume. If this happens, you can try modifying the costume so they may be more comfortable.  

Costumes also shouldn’t get in the way of a leash or harness. If the one you’ve chosen does, you may want to simply share pictures from home, and then take the costume off before leaving your home. Also, consider these tips from Fear Free Happy Homes before deciding to bring your pooch along for trick or treating. 

Never include human hair dye in your animal’s costume 

Human hair dye does not belong on animals. It’s toxic to animals and using it just once can be harmful. Glitter should also be avoided.  

Whether your companion animal enjoys being in a costume or not, their safety and security should always come first. Halloween is meant to be enjoyed. Following our tips will help ensure both of you can enjoy the day to the fullest!  

Discover more costume tips, as well as how your furry family member can have a fun, fear free Halloween this year.  



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