Helpful hints for bringing your new dog home!

Bringing home a new puppy or dog is an exciting time for everyone! Whether you’ve had a dog before or are new to the experience, it’s always a good idea to be prepared for the new arrival well in advance. Starting this new adventure may require having a little extra patience, but it will help you build a lifelong bond with your new friend. It can take a few days to several weeks for you and your dog to get to know each other, learn new routines, and settle in.  

The following information will help both you and your new buddy get off to a good start! 

Getting Ready! 

You should have all your pet supplies before your new dog comes home. Although most pet supply stores allow pets inside, going shopping on your way home with your dog may be too overwhelming for the first day. Save this type of outing for when you know each other better. 

Supply List: 

Food and water bowls
A crate
Toys – try to get a variety of shapes, textures, and sizes
Treats and chew bones
Don’t forget your poop bags!

Plan Ahead: Pick up and arrival 

Plan for arrival, including accommodations and sleeping arrangements that you and your family can practice BEFORE your dog comes home. 

Ask yourself: 

Where will your dog sleep at night? 
Where in the house will you place a crate, if needed? 
What boundaries will you set? (such as “no feeding the dog at the table”) 
Who is responsible for feeding, exercising, grooming, playing? 
What will the daily routine look like? 

Try to bring your new furry friend home on a day that can be devoted solely to them. You want them to feel comfortable around you and your home before introducing them to other new people. 

The pick up! 

Many dogs can be afraid of going in the car, while others have lots of energy and may treat it as a jungle gym! Arrange for a friend or family member to accompany you when you go to pick up your dog (and bring your crate if you can). That way, one person can focus on driving, while the other takes care of your furry friend. If your dog resists going in the car, try luring with treats and gentle encouragement. 

Make sure to bring with you: 

Leash and collar 
Poop bags 

Finally home! 

When you arrive home, start the outdoor tour first. Keeping  your dog on leash, let them take the lead investigating the yard. This may require some patience as some dogs may want to sniff every blade of grass! 

 Once indoors, keep your dog on leash and follow them as they snoop through each room, avoiding rooms that will be off limits. Show them their bed, and where the water bowl is (or they might find their own)! 

Training and play time will go a long way in building your new relationship. 

Here are some great resources to check out: 

Watch Me. 
Loose Leash Walking. 
A toy box is great addition to your living room at home! Check out The Toy Boxenrichment ideas. 
Playing Fetch can be a great game to help your dog learn control, reduce hard mouthing, and just have fun! All you need is a couple of toys and a space to play! 

Introductions with current pet residents: 

Bringing home a new furry friend can ruffle the feathers of your current pets. Try to share the love equally. For tips on how to make those introductions go smoothly, check out our blogs on dog-to-dog introductions and dog-to-cat introductions! Before you know it, you’ll have a friend for life!  

Interested in adopting? Visit to see animals available for adoptions. Animals adopted from the Ontario SPCA are spayed/neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and they go home with food from Royal Canin to help ensure a smooth transition into their new home.  

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