Honouring a legacy of love: Joyce Hough’s $100,000 gift to the Ontario SPCA

Honouring a legacy of love: Joyce Hough’s $100,000 gift to the Ontario SPCA

May is Leave a Legacy Month, a time to reflect on the profound impact that leaving a charitable gift in your will can have on the future. This month, we honour the memory of Joyce Hough, a devoted animal lover whose extraordinary legacy gift to the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society will ensure her compassion continues to touch the lives of countless animals in need for many years to come. 

Remembering Joyce Hough 

Joyce passed away on October 24, 2023, at the age of 89. She was the beloved wife of the late Dean Hough and a loving mother to Kevin Hough.  

In her will, Joyce left a generous $100,000 donation to the Ontario SPCA, specifically designated for the Ontario SPCA Stormont, Dundas & Glengarry Animal Centre in Cornwall. This substantial gift reflects her deep love for animals and will have a lasting impact on animals within her community. 

A lifelong love for animals 

According to her son Kevin, Joyce’s love for animals began in her childhood and remained a constant throughout her life. The family always had companion animals as cherished members of their household. 

Her most recent dogs, Pal, a miniature pinscher, and Toby, a chihuahua/miniature pinscher mix, provided Joyce with love and companionship during the final years of her life. Sadly, both canines passed away before her. Despite arranging for her son, Kevin, to take ownership of Toby after her death, Toby passed away just months before Joyce did. 

Joyce loved her frequent trips to Florida, always bringing along her cherished animals. One of Kevin’s favorite memories of his mother’s affection for her dogs was when she would take them to the mall in Florida to have their pictures taken with Santa Claus. She did this many times, and although Kevin found it humorous and somewhat corny, it was a testament to her deep love for her furry companions. 

When asked why Joyce chose to leave such a generous gift in her will to the Ontario SPCA, her son Kevin shared, “She received a lot of comfort from her beloved animals, especially her dogs, and wanted to ensure that animals in her community and beyond were looked after. She would get upset when seeing things on TV about people mistreating animals.” 

“Knowing her donation will provide vital care and support to animals in need for years to come would have made her incredibly happy,” Kevin shares. 

A legacy of kindness and generosity 

Joyce’s legacy of kindness and generosity is a reminder of the profound impact one person can make. Her $100,000 donation will assist the Ontario SPCA in continuing its vital work, ensuring that animals receive the love, care, and protection they deserve. Furthermore, this gift will help spay/neuter animals to prevent animal overpopulation, teach compassion and empathy to the next generation through humane education, advocate to change animal laws in Canada, and support efforts to find forever homes for countless animals. 

For those of us who have furry family members, we know the joy and unconditional love they bring into our lives. We go to great lengths to ensure their happiness and well-being, from taking them on walks in the cold to preparing their meals with care. Joyce’s generous donation is an extension of this love, allowing her to continue caring for animals even after her passing. 

Unlocking the benefits of legacy giving 

Including a charitable gift in your will offers numerous additional benefits, both for you and the cause you care about. In addition to leaving a lasting legacy, here’s why including the Ontario SPCA in your legacy planning is a thoughtful and impactful decision: 

Financial and tax benefits: Charitable bequests can offer significant financial benefits by reducing the taxable value of your estate, potentially lowering the estate taxes for your beneficiaries. This strategic planning allows you to maximize the impact of your giving while providing financial advantages for your loved ones. 

Flexibility and control: A charitable gift in your will offers great flexibility and control, enabling you to adjust the size and type of your donation as circumstances change. You can designate a specific amount, a percentage of your estate, or a particular asset, ensuring that your gift aligns with your estate planning goals. 

Ensure continued support: Legacy gifts provide essential support for organizations like the Ontario SPCA, sustaining critical programs and animal care initiatives. 

Honour loved ones: This gesture can also honour the memory of a loved one who shared your passion for animals, creating a living tribute that celebrates their life and values. 

How you can make a difference  

We encourage others to follow Joyce’s example and consider making a legacy gift in their wills to the Ontario SPCA. For more information, and to download your free will-making kit, please visit our website: ontariospca.ca/legacy 

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