Husky travels kilometres to return to her new friends at the Ontario SPCA

Husky travels kilometres to return to her new friends at the Ontario SPCA

Here at the Ontario SPCA, we do everything we can to create a safe and comfortable place for the animals that come into our care. So when a dog named Ava traveled three kilometres to come back to the Ontario SPCA Sudbury & District Animal Centre – and the people who worked so hard to gain her trust – our team saw first hand the lasting impact they have on the animals who depend on them. 

Ava is a Husky who was brought to the animal centre in Sudbury by a community member looking for support with re-homing. After having puppies, and never having experienced life beyond a whelping box, they wanted more for Ava and turned to us to help find her a home. Ava was shy and needed a lot of extra time with staff to build trust. 

“We all took our time bonding with her while she was with us,” says Leah Earl, Manager of the Ontario SPCA Sudbury & District Animal Centre. “She had a really loving, really beautiful spirit.” 

Building trust 

With comfortable bedding, new enrichment activities each day, nutritious meals and compassionate staff and volunteers, the goal is to help all animals feel safe and happy while in the care of the Ontario SPCA. Leah says it was clear Ava needed time to adjust to a new environment, regular meals, and outdoor time. 

Searching for Ava 

A few weeks later, Ava was placed in a foster-to-adopt home. Although her new family knew she was a potential flight risk, Ava somehow managed to escape through the fence. Fearing for Ava’s safety, Ontario SPCA staff began searching for her, guided by reported sightings from the community. 

“As I mapped out the sightings I realized she was kind of staying around her old house and our centre. She kept doing circles,” says Leah.  

After several days had passed, the team at the animal centre worried they may never see Ava again. Just as they began preparing for a long weekend of searching, Leah says they saw a smiling Husky face outside the animal centre door. 

“She showed up back at our centre, tail wagging, like she’s just been on a little adventure and she was ready to come home,” says Leah. “Honestly, we all just started crying.” 

Finding the right forever home 

Ava’s foster-to-adopt home recognized that she would not be the right fit for their family. While Ava may not have been the dog for them, a potential adopter named Eric knew she was the perfect companion he had been looking for. He made the four-hour drive from Mississauga to adopt the dog he had fallen in love with online. 

“I saw her smiling face and I instantly fell in love and had to find out for myself what this dog was like, and I guess the rest is history,” says Eric.  

Although Eric says Ava was initially wary, he says she’s becoming more trusting with each passing day. Through love and patience, he’s helping Ava become the best dog she can be.   

“She’s really sweet with me. She’ll approach me with ears down, tail wagging, which I always love about her,” says Eric.  

Would you consider opening your home to an animal in need like Ava? Visit our website to view animals available for adoption today. 

Not in a position to adopt? Please consider making a donation to give animals like Ava the second chance they deserve. As a registered charity that does not receive annual government funding, the Ontario SPCA depends on the generosity of donors to change the lives of animals in need. Donate today.  

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