Leaving a legacy for animals: the inspirational journey of Pansy Estrellita Vishnu

Leaving a legacy for animals: the inspirational journey of Pansy Estrellita Vishnu

Animals have always held a special place in Pansy Estrellita Vishnu’s heart. Born in July 1934, Pansy’s profound love for animals took root during her childhood in Singapore amidst the Japanese occupation. She witnessed the heart-wrenching abandonment of animals, left vulnerable, hungry and wounded in the aftermath of war. 

Gwyndeline, Pansy’s daughter, reflects on this pivotal chapter in her mother’s life, emphasizing, “She never liked to see a helpless animal suffer or be without food or water. This is what started her on this lifelong journey, even after her passing.” 

A dedicated advocate and educator 

Pansy’s love for animals evolved into a legacy that extended far beyond her family home. Gwyndeline reveals that her mother was not only a dedicated advocate but also an educator. In Singapore, Pansy shared her love and knowledge with her four children, as well as elementary school students, introducing them to various animals and instilling empathy and responsibility. 

When the Vishnu family immigrated to Canada in 1989, Pansy ensured that her five beloved dogs accompanied them. These furry companions weren’t just pets – they were cherished members of the family. 

Devotedly cared for 52 dogs in her lifetime 

In the Vishnu family home, a diverse mix of rescued dogs, cats, birds, rabbits and fish were a common sight. Over the years, Pansy lovingly cared for 52 dogs – a fact she often shared with pride among her family and friends.  

A lasting part of her legacy 

Pansy made the generous decision to include a gift in her will to the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society. This considerate gesture has now become a lasting part of her legacy, with her death at the age of 87. Pansy wanted to ensure that the care she provided for so many animals throughout her lifetime continues, even now that she’s gone.  

“It was important for my mother to support the Ontario SPCA with a gift in her will, as she has been a lifelong supporter,” says Gwyndeline. “My mom believed deeply in the mission work of the Ontario SPCA.”  

Gwyndeline adds, “My mother wanted to continue her support for animals even after she left this Earth. I am very proud to be her daughter and for the teachings she instilled in me to look out for the animals that we have been blessed to have around us.” 

Leave your own legacy for animals 

Like Pansy, you can support animals beyond your own lifetime. You can continue your advocacy for animals by providing care and shelter, as well as working to end the root issues behind suffering and neglect.  

Learn more about writing a gift into your will and creating your own legacy for animals by visiting ontariospca.ca/legacy 

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