New Year’s Eve Pet Safety Tips

New Year’s Eve is an exciting time of celebrating with friends and family, but we have to remember our furry friends and their needs as we ring in the new year. As we get ready for the countdown on New Year’s Eve, here are some pet safety tips to keep in mind. 

How to enjoy New Year’s Eve with your furry friends 

Proximity: Don’t be afraid to have your pet around for the festivities! What you need to be aware of is if the noise or excitement is overwhelming them. Consider putting your pet in another room while people arrive and then introducing them gradually to your guests. 

Safe space: While having your pets around might be good for some, other pets might need space. Create a safe zone where your pet can retreat if the excitement gets too much for them. Make sure to keep fresh water in the safe space and some toys to keep them occupied. 

Treats: You’ll probably have special treats and delicacies around for you and your guests – don’t leave your pet out! Put aside some of their favourite treats to give them throughout the night. If you have extra time, it could also be fun to make your pet some treats! Remember to keep any snacks for your human guests out of reach of your pet.  

Attention: Don’t let your pet lose out because of the excitement of the day! Your dog will still need their daily walk or playtime, as usual. If they can’t wear out some energy, your pet might get over-excited around your guests. Make it a fun outing and take all your guests on the walk with you! 

Alcohol: If there’s going to be alcohol at your party, it’s important you keep your pets away from it. Alcohol can be very toxic for pets! The last thing you want is a trip to the emergency vet to ring in the new year. 

Countdown rules: When you’re counting down at midnight, keep your pets away from confetti, balloons and any other decorations that could be hazardous. Strings of thrown confetti can get lodged in a cat’s intestines, perhaps even requiring surgery. Noisy poppers can also terrify pets. As midnight approaches, you may want to consider securing your pets in a safe room of the house that has been set up for their comfort.  

If fireworks are going to be taking place in your area, read our blog for tips on how to reduce anxiety for your pets.  

See more safety advice on Holiday Safety Tips – ASPCA. 

Enjoy the fun, and keep your pets safe, and happy at the same time! From everyone at the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society, we wish you a safe and happy New Year! 


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