Tails of Triumph: April & Waffles

Tails of Triumph: April & Waffles

Looking back at 2023, I can’t help but reflect with gratitude on the incredible and fulfilling journey I’ve had this year. From deploying to save animals in the aftermath of devastating natural disasters to facilitating heartwarming reunifications of Military Working Dogs, this year has been filled with challenges, triumphs, and unforgettable moments – especially one in particular for me.

Last year, I had the honor of deploying with our rescue team to Georgia, where a series of devastating tornadoes left countless animals displaced. Among the 151 animals we aided, one special dog, Waffles, turned my world in a wonderful, unexpected direction. 

Waffles, a survivor of neglect and injury, needed immediate specialized care for a severely fractured leg. I stayed right by his side throughout his treatment, which sadly resulted in the amputation of his left rear leg. But Waffles’ spirit remained resilient, and we formed an unbreakable bond during his recovery. Today, Waffles is a beloved member of my family in Cincinnati, living his best life despite his challenges – currently caught in the act of playfully ‘un-decorating’ our Christmas tree, one ornament at a time!

Not only was I able to be a part of Waffles’ journey and help other animals during that fateful rescue deployment, but I was also able to help facilitate the life-changing reunions of MWDs Mex, John, and Joly with their forever families this past year. Seeing the joy between these dogs and their loved ones is something I’ll never forget.

The opportunity I had to give these animals a new beginning has reinforced my belief in the power of kindness and the impact of our work at American Humane. Each mission, each rescue, and each life we touch is a testament to the compassion and support of people like you.

Waffles, now peacefully snoring after his morning antics, is a living reminder of the impact of the generosity of supporters like you.

Kind regards and paws,

April Smith
Animal Care Expert, American Humane

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