Taking the purr-fect picture: Pet photography tips

Our furry friends are so darn cute, it can be tempting to snap a pic and show them off to the world, or simply admire them in our camera roll. But capturing the perfect shot can prove to be quite challenging. Luckily, you do not need to be a professional photographer, nor do you need a studio or professional equipment to take great pictures of your furry companion. 

Whether you intend to take photos to turn your furry friend into an Instagram sensation (visit our blog to see some adorable pet influencers for inspo!), or you simply want to save precious memories, we’ve got you covered with this blog! Keep reading for our top pet photography tips: 

Choose the right setting 

To set yourself up for success, it’s important to first choose the right setting for your photoshoot. If you are out in public, try to find a quiet, secluded space to limit distractions. Pets are unpredictable and fast as it is, so limiting the number of potential diversions is key to taking a good photo. 

You’ll also want to consider the background you want. It is best to select a spot with a simple background to avoid unflattering images. Nature is a great place to take photos. Not only does it provide good lighting, but it’s a good way to capture your pet’s personality! Animals tend to perk up when they’re exploring the great outdoors. Plus, if you’re already taking your furry friend for a walk, you’re not taking any additional time out of your day for photos. 

Lastly, whether you’re taking photos indoors or outdoors, letting your furry friend inspect and familiarize themselves with the space prior to shooting is a great way to help them settle down and stay  still for your picture. 

Lights, camera, action! 

Prior to snapping away, ensure you have good lighting. As previously discussed, natural light is preferred for taking photos of your pet. Just make sure the light is facing them, not you! You want to avoid that adorable photo you took from simply being a silhouette of your fur baby. We also recommend you turn off your flash, as your furry friend may be unprepared and startled by the sudden bolt of light. Daytime photography is best. 

Since animals are notorious for not sitting still, make sure your camera or phone settings are optimally adjusted. If you’re taking photos on your phone, activate ‘live’ mode – this allows you to take multiple pictures at a time. If taking photos from a camera, be sure your shutter speed is high. These tips will help prevent blurry photos, especially if you like taking action shots. 

Treats, treats, treats! 

To take good photos, you will require your pet’s cooperation. A great way to do this is by bribing them with treats! Treats are a great way to grab their attention and have them look at the camera. 

Here are some simple DIY treat options for your dog! 

Likewise, here’s how to make your own crochet catnip mouse for your cat! 

Ask for help 

Consider enlisting a friend or family member to assist you. Trying to have your furry companion pose and stay in place, as well as take the picture all at once, is nearly impossible.  

Having a second set of hands when it comes to pet photography goes a long way and is perhaps our most important tip. So, next time you’re planning to take photos on your walk, ask a friend to come along to help. Treats might just work for them as well – offer to buy them a coffee for their assistance! 

We hope you’ve been able to gather some key takeaways from this blog – whether it be selecting the best location for your photoshoot, adjusting your camera settings, or bribing a furry or non-furry friend!  

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