Top 3 reasons why adopting from the Ontario SPCA is the way to go!

When you choose to adopt, you are giving an animal the ultimate gift of a second chance. So many animals are waiting to find a home to call their own, and if you’re thinking about making one of their dreams a reality, the Ontario SPCA and Humane Society is a great place to start!  

We’ve put together the top three reasons why adopting from one of our 13 animal centres is a great option: 

Putting the animals first 

At the Ontario SPCA, we want to provide the very best life for the animals in our care and that starts from the moment they come through our animal centre doors. Each animal receives a thorough intake exam and receives a customized wellness plan that encompasses both social and physical needs. It’s important that each animal is properly assessed and set up for a successful adoption. 

An easy to navigate adoption website 

We’ve made finding your dream companion as easy as a couple of clicks. Visit to view  our animals currently available for adoption. You can sort by species, gender, location, and more. When an animal catches your eye, simply click the “Meet…” button to learn more. From there, you can connect with one of our friendly and knowledgeable animal care team who will guide you through the adoption process. 

Knowledgeable staff 

The adoption coordinators are a bit like match makers. They’ll want to get to know you a little bit to make sure the animal up for adoption is compatible with your lifestyle. For example, if you are looking for a couch potato, and your chosen animal is high energy, our staff will want to ensure both you and the animal are a good fit together.  

If you’re bringing your newly adopted friend into a household with other furry family members, the Ontario SPCA can provide resources to help facilitate a stress-free introduction. Our team is only a phone call or email away! Check out our blog for some helpful animal care tips. 

More reasons to consider adoption  

Did you know animals adopted from the Ontario SPCA are spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and they go home with food from Royal Canin to help ensure a smooth transition into their new home?  

Adopters will also receive one complimentary appointment with Vester, which provides on-demand online veterinary appointments by connecting pet parents to thousands of licensed veterinarians through video chat appointments 24/7. 

Ready for the Ontario SPCA to help you with your adoption journey? Find your perfect pal now! 




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