Ximena Cibils: 2023 Haldane Prize Podcast

Ximena Cibils: 2023 Haldane Prize Podcast

Podcast out now! Ximena Cibils chats to us about her research paper, Silicon and Epichloë-endophyte defences in a model temperate grass diminish feeding efficiency and immunity of an insect, which has been shortlisted for Functional Ecology’s Haldane Prize 2023.

Ximena with Scott Johnson, who brough her diploma with him to Uruguay last year! (Credit: Ximena Cibils)

Ximena and and Jon Hudson, intern with the Summer Undergraduate Scholarship program at Western Sydney University (Credit: Jamie Waterman)

You can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud, Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

You can also access Ximena’s previous ‘Behind the Paper’ blog post here

Ximena with some of the current members of her lab in Uruguay (Credit: Ximena Cibils)
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